Questions to Consider Each Day

Some Questions to contemplate and possibly answer, if you were so inclined.
**Morning Questions**
How was your quality of sleep last night?
What time did you go to bed?
How did you feel after Fajr this morning?
What 5 things do you need to accomplish today?
What selection from the Qur’an do you want to read and learn from today?
What do you want to memorize from the Qur’an today?
What du’as do you need to make and/or memorize today?
How will you remember Allah today?
**Evening Questions**
Did you accomplish your 5 goal tasks for today?
What passages did you read from Qur’an today?
What lessons did you learn from your Qur’an reading for the day?
Did you make your du’a for the day?
How did you feel afterward?
How did you remember Allah today?
What did you eat today?
What did you do for exercise today?
Did you listen to any lectures or nasheeds today?
What did you get from it?
Anything special you would like to note?
Were you able to attend any lectures today?
Who was the speaker?
Any thoughts about the speaker specifically?
What was the topic?
How were you able to relate to the topic?
Where was it held?
What did you think of the venue?
What key points did you get from it?
Anything you want to note?
How did you spend your time with your family today?
Did you read any uplifting books or blogs today (other than Qur’an)?
What did you gain from it?
How many prayers were you able to accomplish today?
Were you able to go to the masjid today?
Which one(s) did you go to?
Anything you want to say about the masjid?
If today was Jumu’ah prayer, what was the topic of the khutbah?
What were your thoughts about it?
Did you give saddaqah today?
What kind (money, culinary, labor, du’a, etc.)?
Was today a day of fasting for you?
How did you do?
How do you feel about that?
Did you discuss Islam with a non-Muslim?
What did you talk about?
How was your mood today?
What  did you discover about yourself today that you would like to change?
What steps can you take to change?
What burning questions do you have?
What goals do you have for tomorrow?
List five values you would like to integrate into your life:
What classes did you have today?
What things do you want to research further?
What homework assignments do you need to complete this week?

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